About Us

We are a company of the BARCH MOTION STUTTGART International group. With experience building and designing motion solutions for laser engraving industry. Barch laser is a professional manufacturer of CNC & Laser products. We are dedicated to not only supplying the best-quality laser products but also providing direct and quick-response after-sale service for our customers.

We are dedicated to design and build high-quality machinery and also to sell them directly to the end user offering a complete solution for each customer need.

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Barch laser office

Our clients

We work with a wide range of clients in more than 87 countries, helping them with different industries in the laser engraver solution, working together to fit the requirements to engrave different types of material in various applications.

Our exhibitions

Our annual exhibitions are inĀ  Hannover Germany, Tokyo Japan, Saigon Vietnam, and Bogota Colombia.

Our company

Our company has been in the laser industry for four years, covering the South America market. Recently, our R&D team it is expanded to Stuttgart Germany, our mission is to create and manufacture the high-tech laser machines, to meet the requirement of fast-changing new applications, and to provide a cost-effective solution to the growing needs of the laser on a global level.