How to use the accessories of a laser engraving machine

1) How to use our linear guide rails?

Our linear guide rail lets our customers engrave different working areas under the same laser lens. What does it mean? If you have a lens of 20x20cm and want to engrave an object larger than 20cm, for example, 15cm x 45cm, you can use our linear guide rail to engrave with accuracy and speed. Our linear guide rail extends the physical working area in the X-axis, which can increase the production and engraving area.



2) How to use our rotary claw for tumblers, bracelets or cylindrical objects?

The rotary claw for conical objects is one of the best tools to engrave mugs, rings, bracelets, and small bottles. The rotary can be connected to any barch laser machine using the same driver and using the same software by default.

3) How to engrave vector on rotary fiber laser (stepper motor)

Engrave vectors with a rotary stepper motor fiber laser device is not easy, and there are some steps to follow to get the best results. The most precise engraving, without lines in the middle of each step engraving. This short tutorial goes direct to the setup to achieve the best laser rotary engraving settings.

4) How to use the rotary engraving device for (stepper motor)

Engraving rings with a rotary engraving laser device can be complex if you don't have the correct parameters. Setting up our rotary ring engraving device is simple, and our rotary motor is accurate enough to get excellent results when vector on rings.


5) How to use the 360 rotary engraving table

In this laser tutorial, we explain how to use the 360 rotary engraving table, a popular tool for engraving pens, pen drivers, metal presentation cards, control remotes, power energy banks, etc.