What can I engrave, carve, mark or cut with a fiber laser?

Do you want to know some of the materials that you can engrave or carve with a fiber laser marking? The possibilities are many with an industrial laser machine, but with our machines the quality and speed can help you to achieve applications that can be complex with other machines, this gave you unlimited tools to engrave.

Our fiber laser its a machine designed to be versatile tool ready to engrave most of the popular materials on the market. With a German galvanometer head and top fiber source from Germany and Singapore, our laser machine is above the standard fiber laser engraving machines. Here some of the last projects done with our fiber laser machines (customer pictures).


If you are looking to engrave your materials or products and want to try first before you buy your machine, you can contact us, and we will mark your materials for free.

Jewelry engraving
Jewelry Engraving
Laser engraving machine cutting metal
Laser engraving machine cutting metal

Carving and deep engraving with laser machines.
Carving metals with laser technology
Engraving conical Objects with laser machines
Engraving in curve objects with laser

Laser MOPA color engraving
Engraving colors on Stainless steel
anodize stainless steel engraving
Anodize surfaces engraving with laser

Dark engraving on stainless steel
Dark engraving on staninless steel
laser marking on plastic ABS
Plastic engraving with Fiber laser marking machine

Which fiber laser machine should I chose?

Laser Fiber Marking Machine
Barch Laser Fiber marking

The fiber laser technology it can work over different materials, we offer diverse fiber laser solutions, from very compact laser machines with small size easy to install in a desk, to sensor conveyor laser systems that allow you engrave with high speed on different elements. 

For a suitable machine for your application, you can check our list of machines here or contact us directly through email, let us know what is the marking solution that you need.

We will replay you in less than 24 hours with the information you need and the quotation.