Laser fiber marking machine desktop with Panasonics Sensors

laser, fiber, marking, engraving, engraver, etching, machine,
laser fiber marking machine with panasonic sensor

Maximum power: 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W, 120W

Working areas: from 11cmx11cm Upto 60cmx60cm or costumized.

German Galvanometer Head


100,000 to 120,000 hours of work

Pulse resolution: from 0 to 850KHZ 2020

Point quality: <1.2

Engraving depth: <0.3mm to 0.5mm depending on the material

Gross power: 600W

Voltage: AC220V 60HZ

Laser wave: 1064NM

Maximum resolution: + 0.001mm

High speed german galvanometer head 4000 to 6000mm per second

Minimum of Engraving: 0.01mm

Minimum of letters and characters: 0.5- to 110mm

Refrijeracion system: By air

Fiber optic cable 3 Meters length

Singapurean Ronar Smith lens 

working temperatures, minimum 10C maximum 30C

Ambient humidity 20 to 80%

Net maximum weight 60 KG

3 Year Warranty

5 days for production

Ship by sea or air.


fiber, laser, engraving, marking, engraver,machine, head, barch laser, panasonic
Laser fiber engraving machine head

1) Panasonic sensor (optional)

2) customised length of fiber cable optional

3) noiseless

4) high speed engrave

5) BCF fiber source

6) high durability

7) flexible add-ons for upgrade the speed of production

8) warranty up to 3 years

9) German galvanometer head with 3 years warranty.


metal marking, metal engraver, stainless steel, etching,
laser stainless steel engraving
  • High speed metal marking
  • Precision metal marking
  • Jewelry marking engraving 
  • Medical tools engraving
  • Laptops and cellphones engraving
  • Our machine can engrave a large types of plastics
  • Leather engraving
  • And many others materials

How to order

laser engraver, laser machine, laser fiber, optic, send to, delivery
laser machine delivery world wide

1) tell us what kind of material are you looking to engrave.

2) whats the engraving speed do you need.

3) tell us if you are looking to engrave and cut.

4) we advise you the right machine model for your application.

5) we send the quotation and information of the machine.

6) we start production after the payment of 40% of the total invoice. 

7) We arrange the shipping of the machine.

8) Comment on our Facebook and page web and let us know about your experience with our machine.

Common questions

Delivery time

After the confirmation of your order and the down payment of the 40%, we start to build the machine, we take 2 to 3 working days to make it and 48 hours of continuous test to ensure the quality of the laser beam, once is finished we send the machine to costume and clearance for delivery with DHL, Ship or other delivery companies previously designated with the customer. By that time the 100% of the value of the machine should be pay.

Costumes and clearances two days.

Delivery to your country subject to DHL or shipping company schedules.

Total of production, quality test and delivery to DHL warehouse 5 to 7 working days.



How it works the warranty?


Our laser machine fiber optic machines have a warranty of 3 years

if the machine parts have any problem, we send a new spare part freely.


Which software use the machine and which operative system do I need to use?

The machine uses EZCad software and can operate in any Windows system.

Is it easy to use?

We send a video tutorial in English or Spanish with all the information for use the software, at the same time our engineers can communicate directly with you by WhatsApp or Skype. All our costumers learn in less than 2 or 3 days the primary use of the software.


Is the fiber laser optic able to engrave on plastics and non-metal materials?

Our laser can engrave on metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, gold, silver, copper, titanium, and other alloys.

It can mark on a wide variety of plastics. If you are looking for engraving your plastics, let us know, and we replay you by email if our machine can engrave that plastic.