What can I engrave or cut with a CO2 galvanometer laser?

The CO2 laser engraving with galvanometer head is the ideal solution for cut or engrave materials that fiber laser or UV laser cannot cut or engrave. Most of this materials are non-metal materials like wood, fruits, garments, leather, some plastics and others. The power for cut materials is little but it can engrave clear and fast materials as, paper, garments and light plastics. 


If you are looking to engrave your plastic and want to try, you can contact us, and we will engrave your materials for free.

Which machine should I chose?

Laser Fiber Marking Machine
Barch Laser Fiber marking

The CO2 laser high-speed engraving technology it can work mark and cut over different materials, from very compact laser machines with small size easy to install in a desk, to sensor conveyor laser systems that allow you engrave with high speed on different elements. 

For a suitable machine for your application, you can check our list of machines here or contact us directly through email, let us know what is the marking solution that you need.

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