Laser CO2 high speed marking

Our laser CO2 galvanometer head technology it can engrave and also cut different materials, such as wood, acrylic, and other plastics. Design for engraving at high speed this machine can have multiple functions, from engraving plastic bottles on PET materials to engrave at high-speed DENIM or wood. Also, this machine can cut thin materials as garments, paper, leather or light wood. 

CO2 laser engraving machine 30W

With a smaller working area of 10x10cm, This machine is designed to engrave at high speed, wood, PET plastic, acrylics, cut paper, cut and stamp leather, mark stones, cut thin plastics, wood, and other materials.


Ideal for small applications this machine can engrave with a maximum speed of 6000MM per second what it makes six times faster engraving than a standard laser CNC CO2 machine.

Laser CO2 high speed engraving 130W

A machine designed with a tube of 130W, ideal for a high-speed engraving of wood, leather and garments, acrylics and glass, granite and other stones. Engrave your materials six times faster than a conventional laser CO2 CNC. With a working area of 500x500MM and a secure software designed for Barch Laser.

Laser CO2 engraving 130W with cabine

With high safety standard and with computer include, this laser machine has the same functions of our laser 130W with high-speed German galvanometer head. Designed with a working area of 500x500MM this machine is ideal for engraving denim, garments, wood, leather, cut paper, cut thin plastics and other materials. Include software easy to use.